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Capturing the world through the photographer's eye.

Photography is the ability to view the common and capture it in an uncommon manner.

The art of photography was a natural extension to my love for the arts. Placing the macro lens on my camera put me into a whole new world, where the tiniest details became larger than life itself. This macro perspective proved to be a valuable asset in extending my creative thought processes. With the macro lens, the ordinary became extraordinary. The mundane became spectacular.

Spray Bottle Adventure

For this photoshoot I wanted to photograph water in unusual settings. Being in the middle of summer with not a cloud in the sky I set out on my adventure with my spray bottle in hand.

Macro Photography - Delicate Dewdrops

Waterdrop Reflection
Yellow flower with reflection in a waterdrop.
Dancing Dewdrops
Bright colored flowers closeup.
Gentle Rest
Closeup of yellow flower.

Macro Photography - Deceptive Beauty

Mud Puddle Adventure
Closeup of mud puddle.
Dewdrops Flare
Closeup of dewdrops on leaves.
Tread Tears
Closeup of wet tires.

Grocery Store Adventure

Heading out with my grocery bag in hand, I went to the local store to find interesting food textures that I could photography. These are my favorite.

Macro Photography - Editable Texture

Standing Tall
Closeup of asparagus stocks.
Lace of Color
Closeup of red cabbage.
Earthy Deliciousness
Closeup of ginger root.

Unusual Perspective Adventure

I challenged myself in this photo shoot to find the ordinary and mundane that would go unnoticed and capture it in a new perspective. I captured these with my long distance lens. When you capture something from a distance, you can zoom into the detail without disturbing the natural surroundings.

Long Distance Photography - From Mundane to Spectacular

Socerball against the net.
Rusty rail against blue river background.
Resting Place
Weathered bench growing microrganisms.
Distant City
Distant city between stone columns.
Homeless man on streets.
Stairway to Heaven
Stairs on exterior of high rise building.

Out of the Shadows Adventure

For this shoot, I wanted to push the limits with photography and photo color correction to create the eerie.

Creative Photography - Color Manipulation

Mysterious Splatter
Picture of dripping steam.
Taking Over
Trunk of a tree photographed at night.
Claw of Life
Statue hand photographed with red light.

Personal Favorites

My personal favorites includes a combination of photography techniques. Some I use photo color manipulation and others have no photo correction.

Creative Photography - My Exploration into the World

Billowing Bliss
Feathered shrubs billowing in the breeze.
Reflection of a City
Picture of Chicago Skyline in Chicago's Cloud Gate reflection.
Steel Strong
Steel texture against the green grass background.
Bleeding Color
Food coloring on a lightboard background.
Hot off the Griddle
Water dancing on a hot griddle.
Blackened Ray
Black cactus trees with sun bearing down.
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